Galli cantu

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Galli cantu mediante (Godescalcus fuldensis)


Melody: C D D a C D D C


Galli cantu mediante

noctis iam caliginem

et profundae noctis atram

levante formidinem,

Deus alme, te rogamus

supplicesque poscimus.

Vigil, potens lux venisti

atque custos hominum,

dum tenerent simul cuncta

medium silentium,

redderent necnon mortalem

mortui effigiem,

Excitares quo nos, Christe,

de somno mailitiae,

atque gratis liberares

nocturno de carcere,

redderesque nobis lucem

vitae semper comitem.

Honor Patri sit ac tibi,

Sancto sit Spiritui,

Deo trino sed et uni,

paci, vitae, lumini,

nomini prae cunctis dulci

divinoque numini, Amen.


With the rooster's song splitting

now the night's darkness

and lifting the terror

dark of the deep night,

Gracious God, Thee we bessech

and on bended knee we ask.

Watchful, powerful, Light Thou came

Who are also the custodian of men,

while at the same time all were holding


and also becoming the mortal

image of the dead,

Therefore, may Thou rouse us, O Christ,

from the sleep of malice,

and freely may Thou liberate us

from the nocturnal prison,

and may Thou return to us the light

that is life's ever companion.

May honor be to the Father and to Thee,

and may it be to the Holy Spirit,

To God Triune but also is One,

Peace, Life, Light,

To the name which is above all sweet

And to the Divine Godhead. Amen.