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Ipsum nunc cnobis tempus est ''(Saec. V)''
Ipsum nunc nobis tempus est ''(Saec. V)''
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Ipsum nunc nobis tempus est (Saec. V)



Ipsum nunc nobis tempus est

quo voce evangelica

venturus sponsus creditur,

regni caelestis conditor.

Occurrunt sanctae virgines

obviam tunc adventui,

gestantes claras lampadas,

magno laetantes gaudio.

Stultae vero quae remanent,

exstinctas habent lampadas,

frustra pulsantes ianuam,

clausa iam regni regia.

Nunc vigilemus sobrii

gestantes mentes splendidas,

ut venienti Domino

digni curramus obviam.

Dignos nos fac, rex optime,

futuri regni gloria,

ut mereamur laudibus

aeternis te concinere. Amen.


Now, for us, is the time itself

when, from the evangelical voice,

the Bridegroom is about to come, it is believed,

the heavenly kingdom's creator.

They run, the holy virgins

towards thereupon the arrival

carrying bright lamps,

rejoicing with great joy.

The foolish ones however who remain behind

are holding extinguished lamps,

in vain knocking at the door,

closed now, the kingdom's palace.

Now let us be vigilant who are sober

holding minds shining,

that, to the coming Lord,

worthy we may run towards.

Worthy make us, King most great,

to be in the kingdom's glory,

that we may deserve praises

eternal to sing together to Thee. Amen.