Plausibus, Luca

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Plausibus, Luca, canimus triumphum (novus)


Melody: dd c def fe de d d c d f f


Plausibus, Luca, canimus, triumphum

quo nites fuso rutilo cruore,

atque praecelsis meritis adeptam

rite coronam.

Spiritus ductu, studiosus orbi

mira quae pastor docuit supernus

Christus ac fecit miserans amore,

tradis amanter.

Providus chartis perhibes venustis

gesta quae Iesu celebrant alumnos,

eius et gentis nova quae patescunt

in nova saecla.

O comes Pauli, speculator alti

cordis illius sed et aemulator,

caritas Christi fac ut usque nostrum

pectus adurat.

Tu malis nostris medicus fer artem,

confer et laetum fidei levamen,

ut Deo tandem potiamur, ipsi

semper ovantes.Amen.


With applauses, O Luke, we sing, the triumph

in which you shine in spilt red blood,

and in the lofty merits is the gained

duly crown.

By the Spirit's lead, the wonders to the world

which the heavenly zealous shepherd taught

and the merciful Christ did in love,

thou pass on lovingly.

Provident, with papers graceful, thou present

the things carried out by Jesus which honour the disciples,

and His people's new things which are made known

into new ages.

O companion of Paul, eyewitness of that

noble heart but also an emulator,

make that the love of Christ may constantly in our

hearts burn.

Thou are, for our evils, a doctor, bring thine skill,

and confer the joyful alleviation of faith,

that to God finally we may reach, in Him

always rejoicing. Amen.