Aeterne rerum.. noctem

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Aeterne rerum conditor, noctem diemque qui regis (Ambrosius)



Aeterne rerum conditor,

noctem diemque qui regis,

et temporum das tempora

ut alleves fastidium,

Praeco diei iam sonat,

noctis profundae pervigil,

nocturna lux viantibus

a nocte noctem segregans.

Hoc excitatus lucifer

solvit polum caligine;

hoc omnis erronum chorus

vias nocendi deserit.

Hoc nauta vires colligit

pontique mitescunt freta;

hoc, ipse Petra Ecclesiae,

canente, culpam diluit.

Iseu, labantes, respice

et nos videndo corrige;

si respicis, lapsus cadunt

fletuque culpa solvitur.

Tu, lux, refulge sensibus

mentisque somnum discute;

te nostra vox primum sonet

et vota solvamus tibi.

Sit, Christe, rex piisime,

tibi Patrique gloria

cum Spiritu Paraclito,

in sempiterna saecula. Amen.


Eternal Maker of all things,

Thou who rule the night and the day,

and give times of times

to alleviate weariness.

The proclaimer of the days now sounds,

ever-watchful of deep night,

The nocturnal light for the travelling

night from night, separating.

With this the risen morning star

frees the sky from gloom;

With this the whole of the vagabonds' multitude

the ways of what is harmful, desert.

With this the sailor sums up strength

the seas and oceans become mild;

With this, the very rock of the church,

in singing, washes guilt away.

Jesus! Look on the wavering

and, in looking upon us, correct us;

If you look, the lapsed fall

and, with weeping, their guilt is loosed.

Thou, Light, illumine our senses

and from our minds disperse sleep;

To Thee first may our voice ring out

and may we fulfil our vows to Thee.

May it be, O Christ, King most loving,

and to Thee Father, Glory!

with the Spirit Paraclete

in everlasting ages. Amen.