Fulgentis auctor

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Fulgentis auctor aetheris (saec. V-VI)


Melody: e c d f ef g f e


Fulgentius auctor aetheris,

qui lunam lumen noctibus,

solem dierum cursibus

certo fundasti tramite,

Nox atra iam depellitur,

mundi nitor renascitur,

novusque iam mentis vigor

dulces in actus erigit.

Laudes sonare iam tuas

dies relatus admonet,

vultusque caeli blandior

nostra serenat pectora.

Vitemus omne lubricum,

declinet prava spiritus,

vitam facta non inquinent,

linguam culpa non implicet;

Sed, sol diem conficit,

fides profunda ferveat,

spes ad promissa provocet,

Christo coniungat caritas.

Praesta, Pater piisime,

Patrique compar Unice,

cum Spiritu Paraclito

regnans per omne saeculum. Amen.


O Creator of the resplendent sky,

Thou who are Light: the moon for the nights,

the sun for the courses of the days

Thou founded in a fixed track,

The black night now is removed,

the world's brightness is reborn,

and the new vigor of the mind now,

into kind acts, rouses.

To sound now Thy praises

the day brought back admonishes,

and the gentler vault of heaven

lightens our hearts.

Let us shun all deceit,

let the spirit decline depravity,

let life, deeds not stain,

let the tongue, fault not implicate;

But, while the sun constructs the day,

let deep faith become fervent,

let hope, towards the promises, provoke,

let charity connect to Christ.

Grant this, Father most loving,

and the only One equal to the Father,

with the Spirit Paraclete

reigning through every age. Amen.