Mediae noctis

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Mediae noctis tempus est (saec. V)


Melody: d c d f g f e d


Mediae noctis tempus est;

prophetica vox admonet

dicamus laudes ut Deo

Patri semper ac Filio,

Sancto quoque Spiritui:

perfecta enim Trinitas

uniusque substantiae

laudanda nobis semper est.

Terrorem tempus hoc habet,

quo, cum vastator angelus

Aegypto mortem intulit,

delevit primogenita.

Haec iustus hora salus est,

quos tunc ibidem angelus

ausus punire non erat,

signum formidans sanguinis.

Aegyptus flebat fortiter

tantorum diro funere;

solus gaudebat Israel

agni protectus sanguine.

Nos verus Israel sumus:

laetemur in te, Domine,

hostem spernentes et malum,

Christi defensi sanguine.

Dignos nos fac, rex optime,

futuri regni gloria,

ut mereamur laudibus

aeternis te concinere. Amen.


The time is of the middle of the night;

The prophetic voice admonishes

that we may speak praises to God

the Father always and to the Son,

And also to the Holy Spirit:

for the perfect Trinity

and of one substance

is to be praised by us always.

Terror this time holds,

for, when the destroyer angel

to Egypt brought death,

he wiped out the first-borns.

This hour, for the just, salvation is,

them, then, in that very hour, the angel

was not venturing to punish,

shirking at the sign of the blood.

Egypt was weeping tremendously

for such a dire funeral;

only Israel was rejoicing

protected by the blood of the lamb.

We the true Israel are:

May we be joyful in Thee, Lord,

spurning the enemy and evil,

defended in Christ's blood.

Worthy make us, King most great,

to be in the kingdom's glory,

that we may deserve praises

eternal to sing together to Thee. Amen.