O sator rerum

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O sator rerum, reparator aevi (saec. X)


Melody: d c d fg f


O sator rerum, reparator aevi,

Christe, rex regum, metuende censor,

tu preces nostras pariterque laudes

suscipe clemens.

Noctis en cursu tibi vota laudum

pangimus; praesta tibi sint ut apta,

nosque concentu refove perenni,

luminis auctor.

Da dies nobis probitate faustos

mortis ignaram tribuendo vitam,

semper ut nostros tua sit per actus

gloria perpes,

Ure cor nostrum, pius ure lumbos

igne divino vigilesque nos fac,

semper ardentes manibus lucernas

ut teneamus.

Aequa laus summum celebret Parentem

teque, Salvator, pie rex, per aevum;

Spiritus Sancti resonet per omnem

gloria mundum. Amen.


O Sower of all things, Restorer of time,

Christ, King of kings, the Judge to be feared,

Thou, our prayers and together our praises

accept, Merciful One.

Lo! In the course of the night to Thee the prayers of praises

we sing; grant that to Thee they may be proper,

and us, in our perennial singing, revive,

light's Author.

Give favourable days to us in uprightness

in granting a life lignorant of death,

that always through our acts may Thine be

the glory perpetual.

Burn our heart, Holy One, burn our loins

with fire divine and vigilant us make,

that always, in our hands, burning lamps

may we hold.

May equal praise the Supreme Father celebrate

and Thee, Saviour, Holy King, through all time;

may the Holy Spirit's glory resound through

all the world. Amen.