Sol ecce surgit

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Sol ecce surgit igneus (Prudentius)


Melody: a a a a a ab a a


Sol ecce surgit igneus,

piget, pudescit, paenitet,

nec teste quisquam lumine

peccare constanter potest.

Tandem facessat caecitas,

quae nosmet in praeceps diu

lapsos sinistris gressibus

errore traxit devio.

Haec lux serenum conferat

purosque nos praestet sibi;

nihil loquamur subdolum,

volvamus obscurum nihil.

Sic tota decurrat dies,

ne lingua mendax, ne manus

oculive peccent lubrici,

ne noxa corpus inquinet.

Speculator astat desuper,

qui nos diebus omnibus

actusque nostros prospicit

a luce prima in vesperum.

Deo Patri sit gloria

eiusque soli Filio

cum Spiritu Paraclito,

in sempiterna saecula. Amen.


Behold! The fiery sun rises;

it irks, it shames, it stirs repentence,

neither in the light witness

can anyone sin constantly.

Finally may it fade away, the blindness,

which we ourselves as from a precipice for a long time

have lapsed with left-footed steps

and drags us in error deviant.

This light, may it confer serenity

and with purity for ourselves may it supply

may we speak no treachery,

may we bring about no darkness.

As such may the whole day run,

lest the lying tongue, lest the hands

or the impure eyes may sin,

lest in crime the body may defile.

The eyewitness stands from above,

who, us, in all days

and our actions, it looks ahead

from daybreak into the evening.

To God the Father let Glory be,

and to His only Son

with the Spirit Paraclete,

in everlasting ages. Amen.